Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction

Tri Sigma is committed to promoting a safe environment and educating students and advisors on strategies to prevent high-risk behaviors.  (learn more)





In 2021 and again in 2022, Tri Sigma was named a recipient of the Campus Prevention Network (CPN) Seal of Prevention. Presented by Vector Solutions, the CPN Seal of Prevention is awarded to institutions of higher education and fraternity/sorority organizations that have demonstrated leadership in digital prevention programming focused on student safety, well-being, and inclusion. (read more)

Tri Sigma announced their prevention philosophy in 2013 with one goal: to reduce the high-risk behaviors as identified in our internal assessment. To accomplish this goal, the organization invested in the online program Community.edu (and later Mental Well-being), recruited and trained highly skilled SAFE Team volunteers to facilitate in-person programming, developed a data-driven prevention plan. As a result of these efforts, the data shows a significant decrease in problematic and high-risk drinking, fewer members are experiencing negative impacts of alcohol consumption (hangovers, academic impacts, injury, etc.), and a decrease in bystander behaviors. 

Harm reduction is less about policies and more about taking care of one another, creating a culture of care, and caring enough to confront another member if they are demonstrating harmful behaviors.  To submit concerns about the safety of a member or high-risk chapter events/behaviors, please use this form to confidentially report an incident.

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